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   You and Improved Esthetics, is a premier spa offering a full line of services to enhance your overall look. Our tretments are designed to improve your outlook and enhance your natural beauty.  ​ Our body contouring is the process of using non-surgical treatments to reduce or mobilize fat. These cosmetic procedures are designed to target a specific area of fat with the goal of giving the body a leaner or more defined look. You and Improved Esthetics has developed multiple types of body contouring procedures to give you the options to enhance your natural body. 


  You and Improved Esthetics founder, Dusty Rushton, is a pioneer in the non-invasive body shaping and contouring field. Using her cutting edge and innovative technology Dusty uses these safe effective processes to reshape your natural body to give clients natural results that enhance and improve their body shape.  



There are several body contouring options available today to give you a wide range of choices based on your body type and desired results. The process starts with a private consultation to discuss what areas of your body you want to target, your anatomy, and your expected results and goals.   One of our most popular services is the vacuum therapy butt lift. This procedure breaks down and mobilized the fat tissue in the buttocks region then mobilizes it to the preferred location. Once the fat has been mobilized, we go into volume cups that sit for a fuller, rounder butt shape. ​


A few of our other services include:


YouSlim™, Laser lipo 2.0, Cavitation 2.0, Hip Enhancement, ZOOM Teeth Whitening, Endermologie, Wood therapy, Cellulite Reduction, Lightening Treatments, and Vaginal Tightening. See our book online page for a complete list of available options.  


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