You & Improved Esthetics has excelled again with introducing customized On - The - Go - Lipo Fat Burner Belts! These ' One - Of - A Kind Lipo Belts are great for those that want to boost rsults, Maintain, And or start Their Contouring Journey. This is the only Lipo Belt on the market with a bit over a 12hour Holding Battery making this Fat Burner Belt top of the line. With 4 Levels and over 600 Lights brought to you by two unique lighting systems to ensure professional grade results. This is You & Improveed Esthetics 2nd Body Contouring Machine & We contine to strive for the next Collector piece to brind to Clientele across. You benifit using this belt to help with Minimizing fat. Skin Tightening, Muscle Soreness, & Sculptig! Not to mention you are able amplyfy gym results up to 10x & Just simply remove the lighting system after unzipping the Lighting Compartment & Throw it in the washing Machine to properly sanitize & Clean. What are you waiting for call today to purchase for $250!

On - The - Go - Lipo Fat Burner Belts (Portable)

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